AgriMaxx Wheat

AgriMAXX wheat is the leading high performance wheat on the market. When growers think about 100 bushel wheat, year after year they think of AgriMAXX. Weber Seeds and AgriMAXX Wheat continuously help our MO growers break through those yield barriers. Our growers are not just stopping at our 100 Bushel Club, every year we add another name to the 125 Bushel Club as well. Wheat won’t be a “secondary crop” once you add AgriMAXX wheat to your operation.

AgriMAXX 490

  • Earliest maturity wheat on the market
  • Medium height
  • Awned head type
  • Very heavy test weight
  • Fine straw, specifically designed for double crop
  • Excellent disease package

AgriMAXX 463

  • NEW variety
  • Early maturity
  • Awnless head type
  • Industry leading scab tolerance
  • Monster head size for higher yield potential
  • Great Standability
  • Responds well to higher populations

AgriMAXX 452

  • Early maturity
  • Medium tall height
  • Awnless head type
  • Very heavy test weight
  • High yield potential
  • Exhibits lower Vomitoxin levels
  • Very winter hardy

AgriMAXX 444

  • Medium maturity
  • Medium height
  • Awned head type
  • Best in class yield performance 2014, 2015, 2016
  • Stands well and responds to management
  • Great eye appeal
  • Dependable overall agronomics
  • Good test weight

AgriMAXX 415

  • Medium maturity
  • medium height
  • Awned head type
  • Must plant variety
  • Very consistent high yielding line
  • Very heavy test weight
  • Responds to high management
  • Works well across all soils
  • Top rated disease resistance


All you have to do is plant AgriMAXX Wheat once and we know you will come back for more the next year. Let Weber Seeds work with you for the chance to enter our 100 or 125 Bushel Clubs. It won’t take you long to see the benefits of AgriMAXX Wheat.

2016-2017 AgriMAXX Seed Guide