Richiger Flexi-Grain Storage

Weber Seeds, Inc. is a authorized dealer of Flexi-Grain Storage systems by Richiger. The Richiger system is an innovative grain storage system that allows growers to implement on-farm storage without building and maintaining costly bins. With no maximum number of bushels, the amount of storage is endless, and the ability to move from field to field and farm to farm makes this system a great fit for growers needing grain storage. Being able to store your grain allows you to market your commodity as you choose and avoid those low in season prices.

Richiger 1090 Grain Bagger

The Richiger 1090 Grain Bagger is an all new design that offers major advancements in bagging performance.

  • 10′ bags up to 450′ long
  • 24 inch diameter auger prevents grain damage, largest on the market
  • 37,000 bushel/hour capacity!
  • 180 degree rotating wheels for optimal stability during work
  • Exclusive rubber deflectors prevent grain backflow
  • Individual pressure gauges monitor braking force applied to each wheel


Richiger E6910 Grain Bag unloader

The Richiger E6910 Grain Bag Unloader is Richiger’s highest output machine to date. To this day all bag unloaders on the market are based on the hydraulic roller principle conceived by Richiger in the early 2000’s.

  • Unloads both 9′ & 10′ grain bags
  • Single auger extension can be easily removed to convert from 10′ to 9′ bags
  • Large capacity roller can hold up to 600′ of used plastic
  • 15″ discharge auger delivers up to 13,800 bu/hr depending on grain type and condition
  • Discharge auger is set at a 10 degree lower angle than previous models improving overall efficiency